Curriculum Vitae

Shauna Brail
Associate Professor
Institute for Management & Innovation
University of Toronto Mississauga


PhD, University of Toronto (Geography)
MA, University of British Columbia (Planning)
BA, University of Toronto (Urban Studies & Geography)


2020 – Present Associate Professor, Institute for Management & Innovation
2015 – 2020 (June) Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Urban Studies Program
2010 – 2015 Senior Lecturer, Urban Studies Program, Innis College
2005 – 2010 Lecturer, Urban Studies Program, Innis College

Academic Administrative Roles

2018 – June 2020 Associate Director, School of Cities, Partnerships & Outreach
2016 – June 2020 Director, Urban Studies Program
2019 – June 2019 Director, Master of Urban Innovation, University of Toronto Mississauga
2015 – June 2018 Presidential Advisor on Urban Engagement

Professional Affiliations and Activities

Non-Budgetary Cross-Appointments
Associate Professor Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Associate Professor Department of Geography & Planning

Affiliated Faculty Innovation Policy Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Faculty Associate University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute

Academic History

Research Grants

2020 Co-Principal Applicant, Lupina Foundation, The Role of University Research in Urban Innovation, Co-PI – Shiri Breznitz, $24,000.

2019-2024 Co-Principal Investigator, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Insight Grant, Taking Canada for a Ride: Digital Ride-Hailing and its Impact on Canadian Cities, Co-PI with Betsy Donald, $358,501.

2019 – 2021 Team Member, Preparing Society for 21st Century Mobility, School of Cities Research Challenge Grant, PI – Steven Farber, $100,000.

2019 Collaborator, SSHRC Connection Grant, Interdisciplinary Community Engaged Global Urban Symposium, PI – Matti Siemiatycki, $23,690.

2017-2019 Team Member, Connaught Global Challenge Award, Urban Genome Project, PI – Dan Silver, $250,000.

2014-2019 Co-applicant, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Major Collaborative Research Initiative on Creating Digital Opportunity, PI – David Wolfe, $2,500,000.

2014-2015 Co-applicant, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership, PI – David Hulchanski, $6000.

2006-2011 Domestic Collaborator, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Major Collaborative Research Initiative, Innovation Systems Research Network, Social Dynamics of Economic Performance: Innovation and Creativity in City-Regions, Co – PIs David Wolfe and Meric Gertler, $2,500,000.

Scholarly and Professional Work

Refereed Publications


Brail, S. 2020. World cities of ride-hailing, Urban Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2020.1775030

Brail, S. 2018. From Renegade to Regulated: The Digital Platform Economy, Ride-hailing and the Case of Toronto. Canadian Journal of Urban Research. 27(2): 51-64.

Brail, S. 2017. Promoting Innovation Locally: Municipal Regulation as Barrier or Boost. Geography Compass, 11:12, 1-12.

Brail, S. and Kumar, N. 2017. Community leadership and engagement after the mix: The transformation of Toronto’s Regent Park. Urban Studies, 54:16, 3772-3788.

Brail, S. 2016. Quantifying the value of service learning: comparison of grade achievement between service learning and non-service learning students. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 28:2,148-157.

Levkoe, C., Brail, S. and Daniere, A. 2014. Engaged pedagogy and transformative learning in graduate education: a service learning case study. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 44:3, 68-85.

Leslie, D., Brail, S. and Hunt, M. 2014. Crafting an antidote to Fast Fashion: The Case of Toronto’s Independent Fashion Design Sector. Growth and Change, 45:1, 222-239.

Brail, S. 2013. Experiencing the city: Urban studies students and service learning. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37:2, 241-256.

Allahwalla A., Bunce, S., Beagrie, L., Brail, S., Hawthorne, T., Levesque, S., von Mahs, J., and Spotton Visano, B. 2013. Building and sustaining community-university partnerships in marginalized urban areas. Journal of Geography, 112:2, 43-57.

Leslie, D. and Brail. S. 2011. The productive role of ‘quality of place’: a case study of fashion designers in Toronto. Environment and Planning A, Vol 43, pp. 2900-2917.

Book Chapters

Brail, S. and Donald, B. 2020. Digital Cities: contemporary issues in urban policy and planning in Canadian Cities in Transition, sixth edition, edited by Moos, M., Vinodrai, T. and Walker, R. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 70-86.

Brail, S. and Whalen, K. 2019. Examining the potential of experiential learning pedagogy for senior undergraduate students in Handbook of Teaching and Learning in Geography, edited by Walkington, H., Hill, J. and Dyer, S. Edward Elgar Publishing, 342-356.

Brail, S., E. Mizrokhi and S. Ralston. 2017. Examining the transformation of Regent Park, Toronto: Prioritizing hard and soft infrastructure in Urban Transformations: Geographies of Renewal and Creative Change, edited by Wise, N. and Clark, J., Routledge, 177-194.

Leslie, D., Brydges, T. and Brail. S. 2015. Qualifying aesthetic values in the experience economy: the role of independent fashion boutiques in curating slow fashion in Spatial Dynamics in the Experience Economy, edited by Lorentzen, A., Schroder, L, and K.T. Larsen. New York: Routledge, 88-102.

Leslie, D., Hunt, M. and Brail, S. 2014. Attracting and retaining artistic talent in Toronto: Cosmopolitanism, cultural diversity and inclusion in Seeking Talent for Creative Cities: The Social Dynamics of Innovation, edited by Grant, J. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 59-76.

Mills, L. and Brail, S. 2002. Toronto’s New Media Cluster in the New Millennium in Knowledge, Clusters and Regional Innovation: Economic Development in Canada, edited by Wolfe, D. and Holbrook, JA. Kingston: McGill Queen’s University Press, 135-159.

Brail, S. and Gertler, M. 1999. The Digital Regional Economy: Emergence and Evolution of Toronto’s Multimedia Cluster in Multimedia and Regional Economic Restructuring, edited by Braczyk, Fuchs and Wolf. London: Routledge Press, 97-130

Non-Refereed Publications

Brail, S., Des Rosiers, N., McGahan, A. 2020, June 29.  For the arts, the show must go on after COVID-19. Policy Options.

Brail, S. 2020. Coronavirus and Engaging Cities: Towards Community Recovery. Bang the Table.

Brail, S., Hadfield, G. and Stein, J. 2020. Governance Innovation Final Report. Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

Brail, S. 2020, June 23. An opportunity to reimagine the role for platform economy firms. Policy Options.

Donald, B. and Brail, S. 2020, April 21. From Gin to Gel, Why Canada’s Manufacturing Capacity Matters. Policy Options.

Brail, S. 2020, April 2. Cities Lead the Charge on the Coronavirus Frontlines. The Conversation.

Lobo, J., Alberti, M., Allen-Dumas, M., Arcaute, E., Barthelemy, M., Bojorquez Tapia, L., Brail, S., Bettencourt, L., Beukes, A., Chen, W., Florida, R., Gonzalez, M., Grimm, N., Hamilton, M., Kempes, C., Kontokosta, C., Mellander, C., Neal, Z., Ortman, S., Pfeiffer, D., Price, M., Revi, A., Rozenblat, C., Rybski, D., Siemiatycki, M., Shutters, S., Smith, M., Stokes, E., Strumsky, D., West, G., White, D., Wu, J., Yang, V., York, A., Youn, H. 2020. Urban Science: Integrated Theory from the First Cities to Sustainable Metropolises. Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation Research Paper.

Brail, S. 2019, November 24. Cities Need to Innovate to Improve Transportation and Reduce Emissions. The Conversation.

Brail, S. 2019. Municipal Regulation, Disruption and Public Good. In Some Thoughts… edited by Ahmed, N., Claudel, M., Ebrahim, Z., Pandolfi, C., and Wylie, B.

Brail, S. and Donald, B. 2018, September 11. Canada Left Behind as Ride-Hailing Services Go Global. The Conversation.

Brail, S. 2018, July 3. How Partnerships Can Help Cities Cope with Technological Disruption. Policy Options.

Brail, S. and Jean-Baptiste, A. 2018, June 25. What TCHC Needs to Do Next with Regent Park. Spacing.

Brail, S. 2018. Community Engagement with the Changing City. Bang the Table.

Brail, S. 2017, August 7. Smart Cities and Lessons from India. IRPP / Policy Options.

Brail, S. 2015. Student Study Guide, Canadian Cities in Transition – 5th Edition. Oxford University Press: Toronto.

Brail, S. and Daniere, A. 2013, August 4. The upside of internships. The Toronto Star.

Invited Lectures

2020 Taking Canada for a Ride: Digital Ride-Hailing and its Impact on Canadian Cities, Travel Modelling Group Workshop: Mobility Tools & Services, University of Toronto, February 5.

2019 Transforming Urban Mobility. Hart House Student-Alumni Dinner Series, Toronto, December 11, 2019.

2019 Transforming Urban Mobility: Ride-Hailing’s Global Reach. Presentation at Chancellor’s Reception, UofT Where You Are lecture series, Montreal, May 22.

2019 The Right to the City, University in the Community, Toronto, March 27.

2018 Transforming Urban Mobility: Ride-Hailing’s Global Reach. Presentation at UofT In Your Neighbourhood lecture series, Toronto, September 13.

2018 Transforming Urban Mobility: Ride-Hailing’s Global Reach. Presentation at Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore, July 25.

2017 Urbanization, Social Infrastructure and Smart Cities. Towards Smarter Cities from Toronto to Mumbai. Mumbai, India. May 17.

2017 From Sharing Economy to Platform Economy: Disrupting Urban Mobility. Presentation on behalf of Office of Student Recruitment, University of Toronto at Oberoi International School, Mumbai, India, May 16.

2017 The University & The City: Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Toronto. RBC Conference: The Inclusive & Sustainable City of the 21st Century: Challenges and Possibilities Facing Urban Policymakers and Institutions. University of Toronto, May 2.

2016 University-Community Partnerships, Centre for Community Partnerships Summer Institute on Service Learning, May 25.

2016 Community Engagement and the Transformation of Public Housing in Toronto: The Case of Regent Park. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 18.

2016 Learning by Example: The Case of Regent Park, Toronto, Municipality of Jerusalem, May 17.


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